Stay put: Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color

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I own an obscene amount of lipsticks. To be fair, it’s an equal balance of drugstore lipsticks and fancy lipsticks. This post, however, is about the latter.

Sephora launched a Make Up For Ever Ultimate Long Lasting lip set for the holidays (it’s now on sale for $118. In includes six lipsticks) that a couple of my beauty blogger pals splurged on. Being the sleuth that I am, I deciphered that fuchsia #16C was clearly the winner so I went and bought just the one solo lippie.

I’ve tried a lot of longwear lipsticks and this formula is by far the best. This is me after I had a coffee, yogurt and a piece of toast. Whaaaaa?

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge is a bit different from other longwear lipsticks because you can choose to wear it matte or shiny. I KNOW. Check it out.

One side is the colour and the other side is the gloss. The saturated colour sets pretty quickly, so if you wait a minute to apply the gloss, you don’t even get any pink on the clear gloss brush. It’s like the cement of lipstick.

That being said, the cement of lipstick doesn’t come off so easily. I scrubbed my lips with a wet washcloth before yoga class because I didn’t want to be THAT girl in class. The one in full makeup. I couldn’t quite get all of it off, and it sort of smeared a pinkish hue around my mouth. So, instead, I was the girl in glass with the strange mouth rash.

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  1. Anile | Girlfriday

    You are so pretty. Also, can we go lipstick shopping together? xo

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