Right hand romance: Victoria Jarman

Posted by on Nov 4, 2013 in Jewelry | 1 comment

I’m pretty good at leaving hints. So good, in fact, I email the BF constantly with “if you want to buy me a present” links to various things I’m coveting. He never responds to those emails.

But once in a while, he surprises me by mentioning the item a few weeks or months later. Turns out, he DOES read those emails. Sneaky little guy.

In the case of a ring I couldn’t stop obsessing about online, when he had a bit of extra cash, he gave me the green light to go ahead and buy it for myself. Pretty swell, eh?

Victoria Jarman is in the UK and she makes beautiful jewelry. On the plus side, she answered all my questions almost immediately and even provided me with extra photos to help make the final decision. My white gold and diamond ring was made to order, which makes it even more special. And thankfully, it still fits on my pregnant ring finger. Um. My right ring finger, of course.


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  1. Victoria Jarman

    Thanks Lindsay! Looks great, & congrats on your pregnancy! x

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