Want a signature fancy and/or not-that-fancy manicure from yours truly? Live in the GTA? Keep an assortment of baked goods in your fridge at all times?

Just kidding about that last one. Sort of.

Get in touch with me via email at or read on for more details.

Here’s the scoop:

$20 will get you some cuticle action, some nail shaping filing action, a nifty hand massage and a single colour manicure.

I finish all my manicures with a brush full of acetone to perfect my lines and cuticle oil.

$30 will get you some cuticle action, some filing action, a nifty hand massage and a fancy manicure.

What is a fancy manicure you ask? Anything that involves nail art of any kind, designs, bedazzles, glitter, French tips or whatever else I can come up with to make you look at your nails and never want to stop looking at them ever. Check out my Daily Polish posts for ideas or check out my album on Facebook.

A few more things to note:

1. Fancy manicures take a lot more time. So make sure you have it.

2. I’ll come to you if you got a minimum of 5 peeps getting they nails done. Not sure why I needed to explain this one in gangster talk. If you’re one or two peeps, you gotta come to my house.

3. Cash, cash and cash. And exact cash.

4. I have over 150 colours of nail polish. If there’s something specific you want, either a colour or a design, email me beforehand to discuss. Find my deets in the contact page on this here blog.

5. I don’t do toes. Unless you’re my mom.