Baby boom: Monte Luca glider

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in House & home | 2 comments

You know when you spend weeks (months!) looking at something online, and it’s just perfect and even though you keep looking for a less expensive version, they’re all ugly and you keep going back to that one item but you never quite make it to the checkout button?

Today I finally made it to the checkout button.

I’ve been designing our baby room in my head for a couple of months and my design has always included some sort of chair. I’ve wavered between an arm chair and a glider (not to be confused with a rocking chair) but with some insistence from my sister, I decided on the glider route.

It took me all of 2.7 seconds to decide which one.

When I went to visit a friend in Toronto last year, with two kids, I sat in the most marvelous glider and immediately decided I had to have it when the whole baby thing finally worked out for us.

And thus, the Monte Luca glider will be mine. I chose heather grey with white piping and a lime green pillow with white piping because those are the baby room colours. In my head. It’s handmade in Canada and is the most comfortable thing my pregnant body has sat in yet. I ordered it today and it will be mine in 6-10 short weeks.




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  1. Jenna

    What a fantastic chair! We have a monte luca and it is our favorite chair!!!!

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